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Case Study 1

52 year-old man status post nasopharyngeal cancer with radiation caries. The patient was scheduled for complete tooth extraction and had an abscess on the left side of his mouth
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Case Study 2

37 year-old woman with sickle cell anemia and small vessel disease who had a long-standing non-healing wound of the right ankle. The wound was covered with yellow fibrin slough and draining a large amount
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Case Study 3

58 year- old woman with multiple failed graft attempts to treat extensive ulcerations of legs due to small vessel disease. The patient had a very poor response to aggressive medical and surgical approaches
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Case Study 4

60 year-old breast cancer survivor with a large non-healing wound of the left breast due to radiation tissue damage. Required weekly surgical debridements, which resulted in necrosis due to inadequate blood supply to irradiated wound bed
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Case Study 5

63 year-old woman with radiation damage to her larynx. The patient received 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatments @ 2.5ATA for late radiation effects of the larynx
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