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Dr. Grace Doherty

HBOT Remembers Dr. Grace Doherty

It is with great sadness that we discuss the loss of an amazing person and medical professional, Grace Baldwin Doherty MD, who passed away in October 2008. She served as Medical Director at Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centers from 2001 to the time of her death.

Grace’s early exposure to HBOT began when she was a pulmonary fellow at Tufts-affiliated St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in the mid- 1970s. She graduated from the Medical College of Pennsylvania and was board certified in internal and pulmonary medicine as well as in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Doherty practiced pulmonary medicine for 29 years and at times served as Medical Director at Kindred Hospital in Braintree, Massachusetts (formally North East Specialty Hospital, Olympus Specialty Hospital and Massachusetts Respiratory Hospital).

Grace’s dedication to her patients and also to the promotion of the field of Hyperbaric Medicine was inspirational. She was passionate about providing quality, individualized care while also increasing general awareness and understanding of HBO. All who knew her can attest to her unwavering dedication to her patients and her extreme generosity and altruism. She was an amazing friend, mother, doctor, and colleague; her resilient spirit and sense of humor will live on, in all of the bonds she formed and people she touched in her lifetime. Dr. Doherty’s presence will surely be forever missed.