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We are the only multiplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber in Massachusetts


Do you experience confinement anxiety or claustrophobia?

A multiplace chamber is ideal for those people who experience anxiety in confined spaces or claustrophobia. In the 10′ X 6′ chamber, you can read, watch a movie or converse with other patients. The large space enables you to stand, sit or lie down easily within the chamber. For those who are reluctant to have hyperbaric therapy because of confinement fears, we offer a program that will gradually prepare you to undergo therapy confidently.

Your safety and comfort during therapy is our utmost priority. An intercom allows two-way conversations , while a video monitor allows us to watch you closely during your entire treatment. At all times during hyperbaric therapy, you will always be in control, and merely need to notify us when you feel you need to exit the tank.

Only 100% cotton scrubs are worn in the chamber.

Oxygen is delivered by hood. While essentially painless, some patients may experience discomfort in the ears similar to altitude change during air travel or driving in the mountains. A parent must accompany a child in the HOTC chamber.