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Non-Healing Wounds

Some wounds fail to respond to usual medical and surgical management. These wounds usually develop in compromised persons who have many factors contributing to poor tissue repair. These include diabetic wounds of the legs and feet, nonhealing amputation sites, and many other problem wounds.

Diabetic leg and foot wounds are a serious complication of diabetes and an excellent example of the type of wound that would respond to hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Half of amputations performed each year are related to diabetic wounds. Hyperbaric oxygen works to heal problem wounds in the following ways.

First, the elevated level of oxygen in the tissues around the wound signal body to affect the wound repair process leading to healing. This therapy also signals the growth of new blood vessels to vascularize the wound. The high oxygen also helps white blood cells in the area to fight infection (as infected tissues have trouble healing). Chronic nonhealing wounds are easily treated in an outpatient hyperbaric center such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centers in Randolph, Massachusetts. Read more from the American Diabetes Association.